INESCAPABLE DAY (feat Brett Tilford)

by Jennie Lee Riddle

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    The prelude of this song was used in the 2009-2010 Christmas Production "A Christmas Carol" performed by Gateway Church, directed by Walker Beach. It was sung by the grave-digger in the scene where Scrooge met the ghost of Christmas future (death) and was sung by a dear friend and former student, tenor, Brett Tilford.

    This recording is the one I first handed off to Walker, a very basic one that I tracked at a church in Longview, Tx with some friends in the wee hours of the night the summer of 2008... the many vocal trax are sung by Brett and I, in lieu of a missing choir :) I'm just thrilled that after Walker heard this recording, he wanted to use Brett in the live performance. Who wouldn't?

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While I was at the funeral of a life-long family friend, the parson made reference to the fact that shepherds rods and the scepters of kings all lay equal before God. I couldn't get that off my heart for months, and finally decided to write it... it's a truth I want ever before me.

It IS true. We each will stand before the throne alone and equal.

Those of us who have our names written in the Lamb's Book of Life will find grace on that inescapable day when our words and deeds are openly displayed before the Judge of All the Earth... and the gracious, holy Lamb! The Father will know us as ones who have an advocate in Jesus Christ, who have been washed in the blood of His Son, who have been adopted by God, made co-heirs with Christ, and stand redeemed and pure forever in the presence of our merciful, victorious Saviour and King, Jesus...


by Jennie Riddle 2007

There will come the inescapable day…
When rods of shepherds
and king’s scepters side by side will lay
Before the Judge
of all who walked this earth
When deeds are displayed
and words are replayed
by the God of the universe
To the Lamb,
whom for all man, was slain
He purchased with blood
and ransomed us to reign
As servant priests
from every nation and tongue
Made a people
for a kingdom
set apart for God

Praise to the Lamb
Praise the King
Praise to the Judge
Great High Priest

To Him who sits on the throne
Be praise forevermore
Be blessing and honor and power, amen

All creatures in heaven
All that live in the sea
Every boy, every girl
All living things on the earth

To Him who sits on the throne
Be praise forevermore
Be blessing and honor and power, amen


released January 12, 2009
Male Vocals: Brett Tilford
Female Vocals: Jennie Lee Riddle
Piano: David Berryhill
Cello: Ty Young
Guitar: Jordan Martin
Drums: Randy Cochran
Percussion: Randy Cochran
Bass: Tim Wiseman
Electrics: Jordan Martin
Mix Engineer: Randy Cochran
Artwork: Randy Cochran
Recorded at New Heights Church in Longview Tx.



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